A different look at the Freemasonic Compass and Square

We previously discussed how the Compass and Square of Freemasonry signified the tools that replicate the “Science of Creation.”  The shapes the tools make are a circle and a square.  Although these two shapes can symbolize many things, we found it quite interesting that the shapes could represent the big bang theory.  Further, it represents finite and infinite wisdom as either shape turned inside out creates the other.

This time we revisit the compass and square.  When building a house or a structure, the first brick laid is supposed to be the cornerstone.  The cornerstone plays a big part in Freemasonry.  Yet, this is beyond the scope of this section.  We are still focusing on the shapes.

The square, once again makes the square shape.  However, we are going to change our perspective on the compass.  Even though the compass makes the shape of a circle, this seems not to be what the compass represents and Freemasonry.  Taking the square from the compass, a triangle still remains.  The triangular shape can be seen in many different schools of thought as the figure with the all-seeing eye in the center.

On the back of the US one dollar bill, the all-seeing eye is seen as the apex but not connected to the pyramid like a capstone would be.

The capstone is considered the pointed stone at the top of the pyramid.  The disconnection on the back of the dollar bill obviously must mean something else.  What it really symbolizes wisdom.  In Christianity, the ultimate person who walked the earth was Jesus, the incarnation of God.  Some conspiracy theorist claim the eye looks like the first millionaire, occultist, politician, inventor, and Freemason, Benjamin Franklin.  Further it has been related to the Ka-Ma’atian deity, Re.  Re is related to the sun, which is the center of our galaxy.  This is all allegorical and symbolic describing wisdom or the wisest.

As far as the Freemasonic emblem, the apex or compass has the letter “G” in the center.

One of the many meanings for the letter “G” is God.  The Freemasons claim the highest power is called the “Grand Architect of the Universe (GAOTU).  It must be overstood for Freemasons who feel that they can approach any altar that the letter “G” is not the only letter used between the compass and square in different countries.  By overstanding this, one should overstand the need for the higher degrees as one is introduced to the 7 masters throughout the Scottish Rite degrees.

In fact before one can lead a lodge, they must obtain the Past Master’s degree if they are traveling on the York Rite path.  The York Rite was the original extra degrees added to the Freemasonry.  At first there were the Royal Arch degrees, which consisted of 7 degrees.  This is similar to the 7 laws of Hermes.  The Past Master’s emblem has a sun in the middle.

On the Scottish Rite side, the leader of a lodge would have to earn the 14th degree (Perfect Elu).  The number 14 is a multiple of 7.  This degree’s emblem has a five pointed star in the middle of the compass and square.  As, we know our sun is a star.

Stars in ancient Ka-Ma’at have been related to deities.  Thus there must be a different meaning.

Let’s examine something else, the shape of most houses in European nations are square with a triangular roof.

Although we see house as just something we live in, the structure must have another meaning.  Structures were known to capture energy.  The builders of the first house must have known the true meaning of the apex.

There are so many different ideas that have meanings we have misunderstood.  For example, when the devil tempted Jesus, he took him to the pinnacle of the temple (tempting-El).  The pinnacle is another name for the apex.  Again, the apex is the capstone of the pyramid.  The sacred knowledge is found in Ka-Ma’at.  This is why Jesus and Moses were taught in Ka-Ma’at.

We were taught by Dr. York that Jesus died on the top of the pyramid not on the cross.  In other words, the apex with Jesus is the all-seeing eye.  We will show the relationship of Jesus and the cross in this work, which represents the sun traveling though the four cardinal points.   The German word for sun is sonne which sounds like sun-ah.   Just as God comes from the German word Gut, so does the word son.  In German the word son is sohn which sounds like sown.  This is important because the development of the modern English was developed by Sir Frances Bacon.  The language they used at first was called Insular Germanic and Anglic .  They were known as Anglo-Saxons.  From this point, we will continue the examination process.



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