Concepts over Symbols and Allegory

Far too many are confused by the current education structure.  We are taught that there is only one way.   Yet once we go to another grade level, we are told there exists another way.  This not only confuses children, it confuses adults as well.  Thus, it is important to uncover what is making our learning process so difficult.

First we must explore how the modern day education system was developed.  The credit goes to John D. Rockefeller.  He developed the General Board of Education in 1903.  He claimed that,

In our dream we have limitless resources, and the people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hand.  The present educational conventions fade from our minds; and, unhampered by tradition, we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive rural folk.  We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning or of science.  We are not to raise up among them authors, orators, poets, or men of letters.  We shall not search for embryo great artists, painters, musicians.  Nor will we cherish even the humbler ambition to raise up from among them lawyers, doctors, preachers, statesmen, of whom we now have ample supply.[1]

Rockefeller spent $129 million USD to establish the board.  This appeared to be a good will act of philanthropy.  He invested his wealth into the education system.  Let’s not be fooled into thinking that he did not do this for his own benefit.

With the brief history of Rockefeller, it should be evident there was an economic implication behind the purpose of the education system.  Since Rockefeller did not encourage a person to be a true professional, but encouraged public education, we should be able to locate some of the reasons why there is so much confusion in the learning process.

Another group that should be explored is Tavistock Institute.  Although the claim of origin is 1947, evidence shows they existed prior.  They are a consulting institution whose clients include universities, the US military, and the British military to name a few.  They are located in London.  In our book Religion, Politics, and Freemasonry: A violent attack against ancient Africa, we showed how Britain systematically by way of mental warfare defeated and dominated several countries.  The intellects of Tavistock Institute were responsible.

Subsequently, these people work 24/7 to dominate the world.  They develop methods that will keep the masses of people unaware of their purpose.  These methods are called propaganda.  We still see this today.  Our public school teachers are frustrated with the mandated testing being passed down by the academia community.  Theories are being developed by those who may have never taught a child directly or stepped into a class room.

These theories are being developed by people who hold PhD certificates or doctor of philosophy.  Most of these individuals base their research on secondary information.  In other words they do not gather the information themselves, they base their theory off of information other people gathered.  This is very problematic.  When concepts like these are overstood, then we can begin dissecting their theories to develop solutions.

In the book, African Origin found in Religion and Freemasonry: Part II, we introduced our methodology.  We call it, the art of parallelism.  This is what we do.  We realize, by way of the liberating arts and sciences which we will discuss later, that there is a system.  This system has been given in different ways by different cultures.  The ways that the system is given is through the usage of symbols and allegory.  It must be overstood that the concept does not change, but the symbols and allegories do.

The changing of the symbols and allegories is what happens in the educational system.  For example, it occurs when a student moves from general math to algebra.  The symbols change from numbers to letters.  It is not explained that the concept is still the same, but the symbols change.  This is what causes the confusion.  In math there are 4 operations (adding, subtracting, multiplication, and division).  A person may argue that there are only two operations because multiplication is adding and division is subtracting, but when decimal points are involved the multiplication and division operations change.  In algebra, letters replace numbers.  A letter does not mean it has to be the same number.  The letter “A” can be 1, 19, or 1080.  Again the letter usage has nothing to do with a new form of an established quantity.  It is only a symbol representing some unknown quantity.

This same thing occurs in other areas.  For instance, when speaking of what normally happens in society, a sociologist will call this “social norms.”  However, a philosopher will call it a normative.  Another example is the word apology.  Most of us overstand this to mean someone is of some form of regret, but the philosophical meaning is that what happened is accepted.  Therefore, we must overstand that each area has its own language.  With this in mind, we must not only look at speaking a foreign language as the only foreign language.  As shown the English language can be a foreign language, if you do not overstand how the word is being used.  All in all, the goal is to teach the concept first.  Then explain the symbolism and allegory used.

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