What is civil unrest?  This term is used by the powers-that-be to explain the acts of the common citizen not following the laws, rules, and regulations of the establishment.  This term seems to be used to justify why persons of legislative power have the right to act.  Their wanting of the common citizen to follow the rules without question is more of a fascist ideology.

Yet, the focus of this writing is about Freemasons.  There seems to be a new kind of character in Freemasonry.  This character is quite passive.  I guess it’s because they feel intellectually educated or some type of superiority.  Therefore, I think is suitable to take a brief journey down memory lane to a time when Freemasons were responsible for civil unrest.  I’m thinking of 2 events in particular (Prince Hall and the Boston Tea Party).

According to some historians, Prince Hall was an abolitionist who used his position to fight for and educate free and enslaved black people.  He risked his life to fight for equal rights.  He is also the father of Prince Hall Masonry.  He didn’t sit back and wait, he acted on his beliefs.  This is the form of protest that he found suitable.

Then there were the actors in the Boston Tea Party.  Historians differ on if they were or were not Freemasons.  They didn’t approve of the taxes imposed on them by Britain.  So they went on the 3 ships and tossed 342 containers of tea overboard.  This also is the form of protest that they found suitable.

These Freemasons acted on what they felt was unjust.  They didn’t sit back and simply monitor what was going on.  They held those who were supposed to uphold the laws, rules, and regulations accountable.  What is happening today?  Have we lost the concept of justice?  Have we lost the will to fight?  Or do we consent with what’s going on because laws, rules, and regulations have been written and implemented by a very few for their own best interest?

The above acts are forms of protest because they went against the social norms of society.  They knew change was needed to better everyone.  So they did what they felt was best, even if it was an inconvenience to others.  It’s quite simple.  Sometimes inconvenience sparks others who would not normally act to act, in order to regain their conveniences of life.


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