Past & Present Liberal Arts & Sciences

Liberal Arts and Sciences (LA&S) is extremely valuable if used properly.  This leads us into explaining LA&S in its historical and modern form.  There is a difference.  Our position is there is a purposely orchestrated reasoning behind the modern form to lead us away from its original intent.

            The past LA&S consisted of 7 parts.  They are rhetoric, logic, grammar, astronomy, arithmetic, music, and geometry.  In a brief description linking the 7 parts together, we explain it in this manner.  Rhetoric and grammar are focused on the spoken and written language.  It does not matter which language as long as it can be written and spoken.  Logic is the overstanding through a laid out reasoning process.  These three are arts.  The last 4 (astronomy, arithmetic, music, and geometry) are sciences.  All 7 parts put together are basically the way the sciences are philosophical overstood by way of the language it is presented in.

            The reality is the 4 sciences can clearly map out each person’s life.  They are a gift from the creator.  Since they are known, it is our responsibility to utilize them.  According to Deuteronomy 29:29 (33), “The secret things belong unto the LORD (Yahweh [good and evil]) our God; but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever, that we may do all the words of this law.”  Subsequently, we call the LA&S “the liberating arts and sciences.”  Our reason again is because they define the roadmap of each person’s destiny, health matters, inner person, etc.

            These sciences are systematically used today by some big money makers.  For example, they use mundane astrology, which is studying the movement of the earth’s moon.  The reading of the moon’s cycle can also be seen in Islam as well as with the woman’s natural body cycle.  The moon has been a valuable tool in the reading of time.

 This brings us to the present LA&S found within the college system.  These are a set of programs that study human behavior, so we iterate the importance of studying human behavioral science.  Some of the programs are philosophy, sociology, psychology, and even economics.  Although they are no longer directly tied to the original 4 sciences, they still focus on the person.  However, the economic system has been pegged with the educational system on the college level.  Many corporations require a college education to sift through laborers who are willing to go the extra mile to be trained.  Since the LA&S degrees are the easier degrees, most college students obtain their degrees here.

            Again it is crucial to study the original Liberating Arts and Sciences.  These will allow you to better overstand your actions, thinking, and best career path to name a few.  When we truly think about it, college professors teach that there is no true way to predict the future.  Yet, the usage of the original LA&S has predicted the future for centuries.  By utilizing the sciences, we were able to predict the current economic events before they occurred.  This is just a little jewel to mentally ponder on.


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