In the US, we have been taught that there is only one method to learn.  This has caused a demeanor of grandeur for many Americans.  This demeanor causes these same people to accept arguments such as the “just war theory.”  The “just war theory” justifies why US Christian leadership should go to war, even though it violates the 10 commandments of the bible.  In reality, American citizens are out of touch with the rest of the world causing them to be the most hated group of people.

            We are not ignoring the fact that there is only one source.  What we are challenging is the idea that there is only one way to overstand or operate within the source.   We are challenging the idea that the source is too small everything in existence cannot reside in it.  If you overstand the massiveness of the source, then you may begin to respect cultures other than your own.  The source is.  Both right and wrong are within the source.  But the question becomes, what is right or wrong?

            Again to overstand the massiveness of the source, there is not one absolute culture.  This means every practice in Europe or the Americas cannot be found in the ancient Egyptian doctrine.  Some of the European stories came from their own experience.  Saying every cultural practice came from Egypt is farfetched.  However, each culture has remnants of the original culture.  It has been proven the original culture was in Afrika, along the Nile Valley region.  We will reveal Afrikan cultural practices being used by other cultures that deny the source.

            Although we will present cultural similarities, we are not blind to the fact that there are many perspectives.  When attempting to explain or discredit another’s way of life, the culture must be taken into perspective.  Most of us are at fault for believing our way of life is the way all other people should live.  With a study into the ancient arts and sciences, we recognize at the minimum 13 different characteristics.  These 13 overlap each other, which develop other characteristics.  Throughout this work, you will see the number 13 used as well as the multiples of 9.  Number systems have been used in different cultures.  It is its own language.

    If we are looking for solutions to advance humanity, it is crucial that we become global citizens.  In becoming a global citizen, we will have to interact with different cultures.  Each culture has several dynamics caused by something, which affected the people.  Since we have entered the International Revolution (business) Era, we have to be extremely cautious with limited thinking.  With limited thinking, a person can destroy an entire negotiation. 

            Why do we keep speaking about the International Revolution Era?  We were in the Industrial Era that was labor intensive.  There was a need in the US for labor because it was a developing country.  Now the US is overly developed.  This means there is a limited need for labor.  So, the borders have been opened.  Although you may be comfortable in the US, you may have to travel outside of the US for economic survival.

            The more popular western nations are overly developed.  People who are investors and overstand this dynamic are investing in countries outside the western nations.  Ironically, they are selling all their assets in the western countries.  In other words, they are investing in corporations involved developing the less developed countries.  A majority of the world is not developed.  This means there is room to invest in an emerging market or frontier markets.

            We will continue to discuss how economic practices align with the movement of the stars and other cosmological bodies.  Once we overstand this, then we can overstand why things like karma do not happen exactly when we think they should.  

he reality is we are explaining things from our perspective based on our experience and evidence.  Our experience and evidence rules our reasoning.  We have not experienced everything in the world, which keeps our minds open to obtaining evidence through listening, watching, and researching.  When we have new experiences and/or evidence, we have the right to change our perspective.  As Dr. York says, “The only thing constant in the world is change.”


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