Teachings of Freemasonry

In the informational age, people have easy access to what they believe are the teachings of Freemasonry.  They take what they read literally.  However, the description of Freemasonry should cause you to ask if reading a book tells what Freemasonry is truly about.  Well here’s the description: Freemasonry is a beautiful system of morality, veiled in allegory, and illustrated by symbols.  One word in this statement should raise a red flag.  The word is veiled.  Some other words for the word veil are concealed, hide, and cover.

So I guess I should tell the secrets that I began learning 23 years ago.  Well just like the vine, I ain’t gon do it.  What I will do is explain some of the benefits obtained through the teachings of Freemasonry.  First, I will briefly have to explore the history of education from the point of the development of Europe.

The education system didn’t just pop out of the blue.  Therefore, I think it’s quite interesting how the University of Cambridge in England started.  Although it was created in 1209, I was led to examine Cambridge when I began studying William Shakespeare.  Almost 20 years ago, I was introduced to how Shakespeare was concealed in Psalms 46.  I didn’t pay much attention to the methodology of concealment back then.  Yet a few years ago while conducting research for one of our books, I came across information that Shakespeare was the penname of Sir Frances Bacon.

Upon researching Bacon’s history, I came across some interesting factors.  He was supposedly the love child of Queen Elizabeth I.  In addition, he held a position in King James I’s cabinet.  During this time it wasn’t easy to gain a political position.  Bacon’s teachings were influential to several people like George Washington, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, and the list goes on.  He was also an influential part of Freemasonry and the Rosicrucian.  He played a big part in the modern day 26 letter alphabet that is used by numerologist today to explain the character of a person, quite accurately I must say.  As a lawyer and author, his colleagues and he were appointed by King James to translate the bible known as the King James Version Bible.

The story goes Queen Elizabeth gave Bacon to Sir Nicholas Bacon who was the Lord Keeper of the Seal.  Why did she do this?  Elizabeth is known to be the virgin queen.  She was playing the role of the Egyptian deity Isis (Auset).  If she would have announced the birth of her son, she would have lost control over the minds of the people who believed in the power of a virgin woman.  Remember Shakespeare (Bacon) was responsible for the King James Version Bible, so the Virgin Mary that we know today was not who Elizabeth was replicating.

The connection of Bacon to Elizabeth becomes apparent, when he attended her college instead of Sir Nicholas Bacon’s college.  At this point, it became obvious that a college education was different than we know it today.  This brings me back to the University of Cambridge.

Cambridge offered a bachelor’s and master’s degree.  The bachelor’s consisted of 3 subjects: rhetoric, logic, and grammar.  The master’s had 4 subjects: arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy.  In other words, the degrees were the 7 liberal arts and sciences.

Furthermore, Cambridge was a replica of the universities in Paris.  Paris was into what we now call the occults or what many today call cult teaching.  Cult teaching is nothing more than teachings outside of the socially accepted teachings.  With a close look at the different teachings, we find that they all have a similar system.  The difference is found within the names of the characters used.

Information is passed from person to person by mouth to ear and/or by the pen.  Historians have written that there was a group of Jewish people called the Moreno.  This is the same group that was kicked out of Spain in 1492 with the Moors.  Moreno like Moor describes a dark brown skin person.  In other words, they were black Jews.  This is an important factor in both the European slave trade and the education system.

The Moors and Moreno are found throughout Europe not only Spain.  We know the Moors were responsible for creating universities (colleges) in Spain, but what about the rest of Europe?  If you’re thinking like I’m thinking, they created universities throughout Europe.  The Jews were invited into England from Paris supposedly because of their monetary wealth.  Yet as we see, they had much more to offer.

Let me keep it real.  This is how the African systems were given to the Europeans bringing them out of the dark ages.  Then Europeans took the system monopolizing it into secret societies elevating to the position of being the elite group.  Early Freemasonry is no different.  It’s one of those places where the African system is clearly taught but veiled by European characters.  The African system is veiled so well that most high ranking Freemasons can’t connect the dots.

Let me take it even further.  With the interruption between the direct African teachings and today’s education, we have been taught to understand (comprehend) in a very systematic manner that benefit the elite group.  Between this space, European philosophers like Bacon mixed up a lot of information.  In fact, two expeditions lead by Alexander the great and Napoleon went into Egypt and stole the information.  Most of the information we now possess about Egypt was translated by Greeks such as Aristotle. This must always be taken into account, when listening to people claiming to be experts of the Egyptian doctrine.

I’m going to close with this: information is pleasant, but Freemasonry goes further.  It teaches leadership, development, economics, politics, etc.  These teachings are what are needed to govern a nation or even a business.  In fact Freemasons can truly become global citizens, when they properly learn to approach each altar.  This is the most crucial factor in this new economic practiced called the International Revolution Era (globalization).  As I have written before, Freemasonry is an economic movement.  It’s also a place to learn much more than an MBA program can offer.  I have to remind you that this world is about competition.  This is why I’m not going to share the teachings with you, so easily.  I’d rather you become a competitor and earn it like people have done before you.


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