The 7s of Egypt

I want to briefly examine the word “Egypt.”   One meaning of Egypt is burnt faces.  This is related to the Hyksos dynasty of Europe.  With this in mind, it is imperative that we do not get stuck on this meaning.  Here, I’m utilizing the English numerological system to delve into the symbolic meaning of Egypt.  By utilizing the English alphabet, Egypt equals 57772 by adding the 5 and 2, we get 7777.  Reducing 7777, we get 28.  The number 28 is normally reduced to the number 1.  However this time the number 28 has a great significance to my position.

The significance is because Tehuti (Greek Hermes) is known as a lunar deity.  The moon’s cycle around the earth is approximately 28 days.  This demonstrates the importance of the moon to the Ka-Ma’atians.  Most modern day students focus strictly on the sun because of the Ka-Ma’atian deity Haru/Hr/Horus and Re/Ra.  However, the moon has significant place in monotheistic religions such as Islam.  The moon is also sometimes considered the sun’s extreme opposite.

The moon’s gravitational pull, being the closest galactic object to the earth, affects the movement of the waters (i.e. ocean, lakes, rivers, etc.)  It causes the water’s tide to ebb and flow (some say twice in 24 hours).  In like manner the moon affects the woman’s natural cycle.  Every 28 days she may experiences her menstrual cycle.  She also retains water during the process.  In other words, her tide is ebbs and flows at least twice in the 28 day period.

Let’s look where else we see the number 7777.  The number 7777 is seen within the swastika.  Yet, we have been systematically convinced to recognize this as a symbol representing the evils of Adolph (29) Hitler (36), who was striving to be a master (29+36= 65/11).  Hitler was a known occultist.  Therefore, his actions, more than likely, were relevant to one of his occult practices.

Here it seems that those who know are leading us away from the true meaning of the swastika.   The swastika generally has several 90⁰ angles.  The number 9 represents completion in numerology.  Did Hitler study anything about Egypt?

Several occult historians claim that all practices originated out of Egypt.  Those who overstand this may not want to share knowledge with the masses.  So, they purposely veil (code, hide) the information.   This can be said for early Freemasons as well.   According to some recent articles, today’s billionaires study Mundane Astrology or the moon cycle.  It should be quite clear that symbolism and allegory are often used and kept from the average person.  My question is: is mundane astrology somehow related to Egypt?

As I’ve shown, there is knowledge everywhere.  We just need the working tools to solve the equation.  Here, I gave a starting point.  Numerology is the esoteric study of the Liberal Arts and Sciences.  The exoteric science is arithmetic.  I will stop at this point for now.



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2 responses to “The 7s of Egypt

  1. Lovell Rowser

    Caught up on some reading, this Masonic Deep thinker writings are in depth. Brother Michael, you don’t miss a beat.



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