The Craft of Education

My experience in college was quite interesting.  This journey gave me the opportunity to work towards a doctorate (PhD) degree in political economy and public policy from an Afrocentric point of view (Africology).  What I quickly notice was we are not using education properly.  In order for me to explain this, I will use the similarities between Cambridge University and Freemasonry as well as modern day thinking.

The typical answer I’ve heard to the question, why are you getting a college degree is to get a better job.  Well with the high unemployment and underemployment rate as well as the large number of college graduates, the concept of going to college to get a better job is quite shaky.  However in the answer of getting a better job, I recognized that college is used in the process of economic growth.  Times have changed.  Economic growth has entered the global stage.   This is a stage most of us have no clue about.  In other words, we are being left behind.

My reality is that we are using it the WRONG way.  Let me start giving you an example.  When Cambridge University was established, they gave two degrees (Bachelor’s and Master’s).  The bachelor’s consisted of rhetoric, grammar, and logic whereas the master’s consisted of astronomy, arithmetic, geometry, and music.  In other words, they taught the 7 liberal arts and sciences.  This wasn’t a new system, but it was an important system.

Colleges were run by a few mostly wealthy people who pushed their ideas.  Their ideas were nothing more explaining theories, such as the 7 liberal arts and sciences, in their own way.  By examining early colleges, it is obvious they were in competition with each other.  The competition was for economic dominancy.  Subsequently, economics is still all about competition.

Furthermore as a 33rd Degree Freemason, I recognize the same structure in Freemasonry.  I’ve recently wrote a blog about the economic dominancy of Freemasons.  In order to dominant, the person(s) must be educated in the system, regardless if it feudalism, mercantilism, industrial capitalism, socialism, or globalization (International Revolution).  Early Masons only gave 2 degrees.  It was a place of learning just like Cambridge University.  Freemasonry is not a secret.  It’s a well governed institution of selected people to learn about the system.  Remember, we are still in competition.  So, we teach what needs to be taught, in order to, compete.  We move as one unit.  As one saying goes, “we buy from each other and sell to everyone else.”

All this to say the education system of today is misleading.  It is being monopolized, which is stopping the equal participation of people.  Students are not being taught to start their own businesses, except in some entrepreneurial MBA programs.  We have to break the true secret society’s code.

The true secret society is those who control the economic system.  They finance the educational system.  Their money works for them not us.  Many people are aware of this fact, but they don’t truly understand it.

So, I suggest this solution.  Instead of focusing on breaking up the capitalist system, here is one way to move within it.  It’s known as Cooperative Economics.  You may have heard about it in the food industry (i.e. Wholefoods).  Yet, the Co-op (cooperative) system can be used in a much broader sense.  An example of the power of Co-ops can be seen in Mondragon, Spain.  During the economic collapse of Spain, Mondragon survived.  They have over 80 companies owned by the employees.  The employees (owners) are educated in the areas that affect their business.  They don’t focus on areas outside of their business.

This is what our current education should be.  Co-ops are truly where Freemasonry and Cambridge University began.  Each took care of their own members.  This is the true meaning of “I’m my brother’s keeper.”  The solution is to get with like-minded people and economically move as a unit (individual).  It’s about creating corporations.  Yes, a Co-op can be a corporation that is protected under the 14th Amendment.  You can research the legalities of Co-ops in your state.  Let’s focus on giving valuable and competitive education, not a damaging education because our survival depends on it.


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