The Woman’s Place in the Bible, but why is she missing?

For several years I’ve said that the bible is not written for women.  The more I study the bible the more I’m convinced this is true.  However, in this male dominated society (patriarchy system) the woman has been taught to be submissive.  This blog is a follow up to my argument that the female Adam was given more responsibility.  Therefore, she earned the title Eve.  I will state here that not all females can or have earned the title Eve.

The name Eve has two Hebrew translations “Zohar” meaning brilliancy or brightness.  She was called Eve when she dealt with the serpent. When she was known as the wife of Adam, her Hebrew name was “Chavvah” meaning the first woman, life-giving, an encampment, or village.  In like manner another name I’ve come across in my studies is Hawwah meaning tribal leader.  A definition for woman in the Hebrew language is wife.  It seems to be a wife, the female has to gain some form of higher knowledge.

Before, I go any further I want to look at a word that is used by and against women in the bible.  The word is “virtuous.”  In Proverbs 31, we read about the “virtuous woman.”  This woman is supposed to conform to the ethical and moral practices taught in the bible.  She supposed to be a sweet/loving/gentle/submissive to a man type of woman.  Yet according to Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, the Hebrew word for “virtuous” is chayil.  The surprising part is what the Hebrew word means.  It means army, wealth, virtue, valor, strength, great forces, might, as well as power.  This definitely doesn’t sound like what is interpreted by most church goers and their leaders. When I examine the definitions above, I see the woman as the leader and protector of her family, tribe, and/or village.  This doesn’t mean she takes on the brute attributes of a male because a leader has to be mentally strategic.

Why are these characteristics of a woman taken out of the bible and often misinterpreted?  Again, I offer the fact that we live in a patriarchy system.  Yet, I’m going to take it a step further continuing with my position that several stories told in the bible seem to be an initiation into a higher orders (fraternity, sorority) such as the Levitical Priesthood, Order of Aaron, and the Order of Melchizedek (Hebrews 7:11).  Since I’m writing about initiations, it should be known that the Moors entered Europe in the year 711 AD.  Initiations can be found throughout ancient Africa, so this is nothing new.

Again, I must remind you of my blog “The Serpent didn’t lie, but…”  In it I spoke of the elevation of Eve.  Adam and Eve had the same lessons until they became lords knowing good and evil.  Then they were separated to focus in different areas.  In other words, their missions and responsibilities had changed.

Although I showed how the Hebrew word for “man” meant human beings, I’m going to switch to the normal overstanding of the word “man” meaning male at this point. A man who experienced an initiation, which has several different levels, knows that each step has different information.  Hang with me because I’m building up my argument.

Early Christians had sects that studied duality.  The most common duality is the extremes of a human (male and female).  Many times the negative aspect of an idea is given a female attribute except when words like wisdom.  Remember Eve was the first to gain wisdom in the Adam and Eve story.  The word “philosophy” means the love of wisdom, sophy is the name Sophia.  This is not a coincidence.  Even today, women are extremely inquisitive, which we usually call nosey.  She has an appetite to know.  This is allegorically represented with Eve being the first to eat from the tree of knowledge.

Regardless of how the woman is labeled, she has her purpose which is clearly written in Genesis 3.  Subsequently to a learnt man, he knows that he can’t teach a female how to be a woman.  In several African cultures, the girls stay with the woman to learn the art and science of womanhood. However in the west, we believe the man can teach the woman the values of being a woman.  All we, men, can truly do is introduce the idea of the need for females to be initiated into the higher orders of womanhood.

Since the bible was translated by men who practiced the higher arts and sciences such as duality (evident throughout the bible), they respected the female energy.  Even though they spoke of the female in submissive rolls, we should consider the possibility of them being persecuted for teaching a doctrine which went against the socially accepted practice of their time.  Yet, they kept enough of her real purpose in the bible, for the true students, to recognize her true potential.


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