By now you probably heard that the teachings in Freemasonry are evil.  Many people refer to Albert Pike’s comments about Lucifer and misleading initiates.  What most people missed is the description of Freemasonry.  It states that, “Freemasonry is a beautiful system of morality, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols.”  In other words, the lessons are not always literal.

Freemasonry is one of the oldest organizations in the west.  When the land now called the United States of America was uncovered, two groups arrived with a plan and a mission.  One group was Christians, and the other was Freemasons.  The Freemasons came with the idea of creating Atlantis.  This was a story heavily used by Sir Frances Bacon, who many of the Age of Enlightenment philosophers studied under.  In fact, Freemasonry is a philosophy.  Here are some of the great thinkers of the west philosophy of Freemasonry.

  1. Freemasonry is the subjugation of the Human that is in Man, by the Divine; the conquest of the Appetites and Passions by the Moral Sense and the Reason; a continual effort, struggle and warfare of the Spiritual against the Material and Sensual. That victory–when it has been achieved and secured, and the conqueror may rest upon his shield and wear the well-earned laurels–is the true Holy Empire (Albert Pike).
  2. Masonry is that system of the Brotherhood of Men and ethical laws, teaching by daily actions and Lodge traditions the sovereignty of God; instilling the desire to be clean with all God’s creatures, commending its members to extend justice to all mankind, and compelling respect for the rights of a Brother (Ray W. Abbott).
  3. The end, the moral, and purpose of Masonry is, to subdue our passions, not to do our own will; to make a daily progress is a laudable art, and to promote morality, charity, good fellowship, good nature, and humanity (James Anderson).

Again the teachings of Freemasonry shouldn’t be taken literal.  There are words used above that philosophers have written entire works on.  It truly takes an experienced guide to explain the teachings of Freemasonry in depth.

However, the bad press began because of the religious leaders and early Freemason’s plight to dominate the economic system.  The reality is, although many people attempt to avoid it, the capitalist system is all about competition.  Subsequently, the capitalist system has been in existence since the feudal era.  The feudal era was controlled by the clergy, royal families, and nobles.  The Freemasons forced the feudal system to change into the mercantile system.  Anything forced will obviously upset people who benefited the most from the old way.  My prior blogs and books explain this in more details.

Anyways, one thing I learned in Freemasonry is the universal method to success.  For example, an important factor on the road to success is habits.  In Freemasonry, habits are taught through rituals.  There is so much that can be learned by taking the walk through the craft.  Yet again, the actual teachings are only taught by an experienced guide.  Unfortunately, there aren’t too many experienced guides left.


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